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WorkHard/PlayHard Employment Program

People who are blind have learned to work and play differently! We come to your work place to enjoy a "visual experience" with your HR department and staff, bringing with us the tools that help us do our work and have fun.

This is more than sensitivity training or team building, This is impact in action.  

In 90 minutes you will:

1. hear the story of 1 individual who is blind and achieved great success in life.

2. Be engaged in a trust building leadership activity/games blindfolded, 

3. See the latest in work-place tech for the blind

4  Meet up to 4 job ready applicants in real-time

- We ask a donation of $1000 that goes to fund a monthly local "Visual Experience" for the blindness community 

  - (work a deal with local Vocational Rehab to pay for transport for blind job seekers) 


Management Plan 

Pilot in New Jersey then scale nationwide by training local chapter presidents in the simple process and model described above. 

 - The goal would be for a chapter president to present to one business each week, in each state in the U.S. 

MENTORSHIP: Visual Experience Foundation  Play Hard monthly Activity funded by the above Wh/Ph Employment Program

 - VEF headquarters will arrange partnerships with national companies to make these activities possible. 

 - All attendees are asked to join our "Work Hard Play Hard" BLIND Alliance for $1 lifetime membership, with a pledge towards employment. 

 - - The chapter president is a paid position and will have the duty of managing the monthly event. Additional volunteers help with event

logistics (All state colleges have a "service learning" coarse that have college students who gain college credit for working directly for non-profits doing events)

Aug: Blind Surfing 

Sept: The BLIND at Harkins Theater (Audio Described)

Oct:  24 hour film challenge (make fun films on Cellphones)

Nov: Blind Cooking Thankfully with Friends (Partner with YMCA)

Dec: Snowmen and Smores Celebrate the first week of Dec.

Jan: Goal Ball (YMCA Alliance)

Feb: Blind Bowling (National Lanes)

March: "Stomp" Broadway Musical 

April: Film Festival 

May: Beep Baseball (YMCA Alliance)

June: Blind Sailing 

July: Visual Experience (rock Wall, Mech bull) Job Fair "Independence from Unemployment"

In ADDITION there will be 1 monthly ZOOM call for each local chapter, hosted by the president:

 - Review the companies visited and the job seekers who participated for the WH/PH Employment Program. 

 - Give an account of the previous months PLAY HARD activity and preview for the upcoming event. 

  - Share a motivational thought about employment

  - Open the floor for community discussion 

  - Final 15 minutes all chapter meetings patch in to the national zoom call to hear from headquarters. 

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