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Matrix Program


4:30 pm

Three months of weekly one hour motivational programming will provide a solid foundation for an understanding of 

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

1. Be Proactive 

2. Begin with the end in mind

3. Put first things first 

4. Think win-win

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood

6. Synergize

7. Sharpen the saw

4 Agreements 

1. Be impeccable with your word 

2. Don't take anything personally 

3. Don't make assumptions 

4. Always do your best

The Star Concept - 5 points to understanding.

 - How to identify and separate emotion from action, by introspection and thoughtful outcome based thinking. 


Matrix Mentoring

Weekly 30 minute phone call. 

One hour in person meeting every other week. 

Peer Mentors are volunteering their time once a week to talk with a new client with the same or similar eye condition. 

 - Qualities of a peer mentor:

    - Completed the Matrix Program

    - Well adjusted to VIP living 

    - Understand VIP services and relevant skills 

    - Capable of "Active Listing"  

    - Works well with others 

    - Is able to volunteer up to 20 hours a month


Active in the Community 


11:30 am

Being social a key to feeling engaged in life.  All to often a person new to vision loss finds them self out of the loop or hoping for some help 

 NFB Meetings

 - indoor activity - Clay crafts, 

 - Outdoor activity 

 - Family and Friends Monthly BBQ 



11:30 am

 - NFB Meetings

 - indoor activet

 - Outdoor activity 

 - Group cooking night/potluck Weekly plus one other weekly activity

Self-Study Resources


11:30 am

Text material to take home - Curated for purpose 

 - Info for families 

 - Common contacts 

 - Weekly Blog post with Resources and Q&A section 


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