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NJ Business Event Draws Big Crowd of Blind and VIP

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Secaucus, NJ: At least 25 (of the 100) people who are blind now have transportation to New Jersey with housing included, for an upcoming 3-day business Immersion event as they join 2,000 other business owners and executives, courtesy of a few noteworthy individuals (scholarship application details below, please share).

Although the interactive training “Unblinded Mastery” is for all people in business, one woman stands out as an example of having the heart behind the mission of the Unblinded Movement with an offer made to people who are blind. Samia Molina Perez is driving to the event in NJ on a route from FL, with the promise of a ride to anyone who is blind wanting to be picked up along the way.

The transportation is part of a package donation from the HEG (Home Events Group), which has secured a series of homes for anyone who is blind to rent a room for the event (or stay for free on a needs-based honor system).

The event, January 10-12, and the “Unblinded Movement,” has become a rallying point for more than a few groups, attracting large companies who are looking to change the way networking is done.

This event has especially caught the attention of some top entrepreneurs and talent in the blindness community, even drawing a blind official and celebrity (or two) from other countries, along with some of their supporters.

Sean Callagy (the founder of Unblinded) is legally blind, but people say that is rarely something they notice. Callagy has built multiple businesses (in addition to his law practice with over 150 employees and offices in 5 states) and has coached thousands of people, in various industries, about the finer distinctions of communication.

Callagy was recently asked to join the board of trustees for the American Foundation for the Blind, partially because of his prowess in business and his ability to make positive disruption in the world. He recently gifted 100 tickets to his upcoming business immersion event specifically as scholarships to people who are blind. This triggered a domino effect of outpouring support for those that are blind and attending the event.

“This movement is about changing lives. This world lives in immense pain and suffering. People are so limited by their own thinking and their own conditioning. 2020 and UNBLINDED is about crushing those distortions and those lack of truths, as well as people’s fears, and co-creating access to people’s dreams and breakthroughs,” says Callagy.

CEO and President of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), Kirk Adams is totally blind and will join other great speakers and coaches on stage, adding a focus on what those that are blind can do. “This is a chance for a large group of the blindness community to interact with people at top levels of the business community, for three days. Most employers haven’t had exposure to people who are blind. With technology, people who are blind can be just as productive or even more productive than the sighted in most jobs,” says Adams.

CEO of Unblinded, Jared Yellin, joined Sean Callagy and brought an extraordinary background in marketing and scaling of large projects and movements. Just over a week after Jared accepted the role as Co-Founder and CEO, the Unblinded Movement gained over 2,000 active Facebook group members, many of whom will be attending the upcoming event at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ.

“This event will go down in history and the single greatest sales training because the formula works and the event is an actual skill development experience. Nearly all events of this size focus predominantly on motivation, which is wonderful and needed, but the UNBLINDED Sales Mastery Immersion will teach every attendee how to go from Hello to YES with less friction, less frustration, and in less time,” says Yellin.

“The most significant win at our immersion is the ability to learn how to create an ecosystem merger which is the fastest way to exponentially grow your business or mission,” says Yellin. “Plus, every person will leave the immersion with some level of mastery for Integrity-Based Human Influence which is how to make sales fun, exciting, and magical.”

Callagy is known for disruption. As a lawyer, he has won cases that people said were impossible, resulting in two national top jury verdicts. He is a co-founder of the Silicon Valley tech start-up, Proximity, and is on the Board of Idealab NY with Bill Gross, the most quantitatively successful entrepreneur and unicorn creator in the history of the world, among many other things.

In reference to the Unblinded Mastery Immersion, Callagy said, “This is the launch of my dream, to bring what I have learned over 20 years of studying and being in business… and to share it with the world.”

For more information about this event and to register, please visit There are a handful of complimentary tickets for the press available so please contact UNBLINDED to learn more. To apply for a scholarship ticket, housing and or transportation please contact Ben Fox, contact info below.


Contact: Ben Fox

Phone: (863) 862-5463


Now I live in NJ (loving it) and next week I'm going into a room of 2,000 business owners and executives BUT 100 of the people are both BLIND and in BUSINESS. I am ATTACHING a PRESS RELEASE -This is largely due to NJ Sean Callagy who has gifted 100 scholarship tickets to people who are blind to this business immersion training. It is amazing to see many people come together to make sure anyone who is blind can come out to this event.

You can learn more about the specifics of the event at this website:

Also, here is a landing page discussing the specifics and updates for those that are blind:

There are many misconceptions about vision loss, and the perceptions are low by a large portion of the population, that the unemployment rate is nearly 75%. COME MAKE A CHANGE WITH US!

Thank You,

Ben Fox


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