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Come train with Sean Callagy - Learn More!

In YOUR CAREER, what is going great?? AND where would small distinctions make BIG differences? 

Come out Jan. 10, 11, and 12 with 1500 other business people to Jersey City to experience a 3-DAY immersion and learn the Callagy Results Formula.


✔ Real-world skills to get you from hello to yes faster than ever before

✔ The power to engage in emotional and energetic transference

✔ Mastery of a proven method for accelerating sales

✔ Fuel to ignite your next business breakthrough

Imagine being in a room along with 99 other people who are blind and amazing at what they do in business and life. This event is interactive and specifically designed for people to engage with others in the room.

Let's TALK about YOU. How can you meet the people you want to do business with more often? How can you MAXIMIZE relationships you currently have in your Eco-System? Learn Sean Callagy's Results Formula: how to go from "Hello to Yes!" with integrity. 

 This video features Sean Callagy's story:  

Sean has built multiple businesses including Silicon Valley start up Proximity. Sean is notably on the board for Ideas Lab New York and the American Foundation for the Blind, in addition to being America's top Attorney with over 125 employees with offices in 5 states. Sean is one of only 2 lawyers in history to have ever had TWO top 100 jury verdicts. Now his focus is on taking his proven results formula to the world, starting at your office. 

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Should you have any other questions please feel free to call us at 1-833-HEG-BOOK and or reach out to us by email at See you in New Jersey!!! To complete your booking click HERE

Secaucus, NJ: At least 25 (of the 100) people who are blind now have transportation to New Jersey with housing included, for an upcoming 3-day business Immersion event as they join 2,000 other busines

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