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Can you imagine being in a state of shock after being told you are going blind? Then imagine being faced with an online world of overwhelming information. is a resource for people new to blindness, especially those just leaving the doctor's office diagnosed with a progressive condition.


This simple website was built to be easily processed and contains only the most important information for a person new to the blindness community, WELCOME you are with friends. 

We feature ONE STORY each month (in a 3 minute video) of an influencer who is blind w/their story of "diagnosis TO success". 

 - top 5 resources SIMPLY presented:

  1. ONLINE Support Group (Bari already has running) 

   2.  Work Hard/Play Hard Peer Mentorship Program for the Blind (this is how we can nationally rollout)

    3. Road Map to Vocational Rehab and Service Training explained 

        (this will be 4 videos hosted on the SAME learning platform as our 12 week coarse: Security to Freedom)


4. Make sure to register for FREE educational coarses at HADDLY school for the blind

Some of the things to be excited about:

 - White Cane and Mobility training

 - New technologies and instruction  

 - Career preparation and education

 - Professional assistance in getting services - Organized activities and groups for networking

5. finally, here are 3 top places for more info: NFB, AFB, ACB and Almost Blind

Get informed about what services are available to you in your area.

The good news is that a great support network and world of help is available.

Each organization has gathered lists of helpful information and has people available to guide you through this new stage of your life. Also, they have resources for families.




 - First 5 "Diagnosis to Success" story videos 

1. Dave Steele 

2. April Lafrue 

3. Rebecca Alexander

4. Ben Fox

5. Orly Shamir 

This is a BIG ACCESS POINT for our community and ALL VR and TRAINING schools. Also, Eye Docs will want to pass this along FOR us. 

 - We can have volunteers run the daily support groups. It is important to note, these are not meant to be big productions but actual support groups easy for people to engage with. WE SHOULD ask people to register for the support group however and also engage this group for a weekly show. 

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