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Employment 12 week Ecoarse: Security to Freedom

The following program described below is provided FREE to all people who are blind around the world (through a login portal, access provided through a vocational rehabilitation office), supported by sponsors and also funded through the donations from technology companies and service providers that help people who are blind and visually impaired thrive at work. 

- educational modules are 30 minutes long. Total of 6 hours of content-

 - Hosted by Charlie Collins and Ben Fox

 Each video has a special guest (listed below) who presents a story of how they found success with the topic below. 

Charlie Collins has been in business helping people who are blind get to work for his whole career, while he himself is also legally blind. 

Ben Fox is a journalist, educator and advocate for the blind and together he and Charlie interview a series of 12 guests about employment topics. Each module includes focused points to gear clients towards employment with empowering action steps and tips. 

Perhaps the MOST MASSIVE value is found as you join us for our Live Weekly ZOOM Job interview Role Plays:

featuring our module guest hosts and people from their organizations

1: Why work when Social Security income is coming in?

2: Choosing a Career path, does blindness change things?

3: Identifying your resources, overcoming obstacles 

4: Good attitude and soft skills 

5: Communication Skills: NOW more important than ever

6: Resume Review, optimize

7: Interviewing: half personality and half preparedness 

8: Working with vision loss/blindness 

9: Accommodations and good attitude while advocating  

10: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 

11: Continuing Education while blind at work

12: Staying Connected with the Blindness Community for Support in the Workplace 

Guest hosts who ARE blind:

Kirk Adams -CEO American Foundation for the Blind

Mark Ricabono -CEO National Federation for the Blind

Eric Bridges - Executive Director American Council for the Blind

Nickie Jeffords - DOE Vocational Rehabilitation overseeing 10 states

Ollie Cantos - DOJ - Assistant Secretary to the Secretary of Civil Rights

Michael Benson - CEO B-Causes and Founder Visual Experience Foundation

Joe Strechay - Associate Producer Apple TV

Tom Simmons - IRS retired - Former Lions Club State Governor 

(Friends to the blind)

Nathan Pullen - BEP AZ Program Manager

Troy Ottolio - CEO Aira

Bari Azman - VP Low Vision Shop

Dr. Vinny Calderone - President Aspire Home Health

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