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More than 90% of legally blind people can still have some small or limited vision. The White Cane keeps us safe.

crowded train station with several visually imparied people with white canes but using their eyes to look at something.jpg

Funny Almost Blind Moment: "A nice guy insisted I take his seat on a full train. I thanked him, sat down and checked a text message on my phone. The man's friend saw this and said, "Hey, he's not blind".

  I went home right away and made this website and shirts and hats that say: Almost" Ben Fox 

The mission of Almost
To increase awareness of the various degrees of blindness.
To encourage White Cane use, combined with any useful vision.
To inspire more mobility in the visually impaired community.  
A white cane usually means a person is legally blind or even totally blind.
We want to feel confident as we are going bravely into our shared world,
with the vision we have, the best we can.

Can you see yourself being a Sighted Guide for a person with a visual impairment?

 - This video has great instructions.

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